Immersive spectacles

Phenomena develops a multitude of immersive experiences using the latest in innovative technologies. Whether you are an arcade, mall or a museum looking for jaw dropping experiences we have you covered. Click on our licensing tab below to see which installation is the best fit for you.


Horos is an immersive experience linking storytelling and interaction in virtual reality. This project is a free roam experience in which the virtual worlds are synchronized to the physical space. Travel between land, sea, space and time in the company of Séni, your exploration guide, but beware of other entities they might plunge you into the depths of the virtual.

Enter the Duat

Enter the Duat is a surreal virtual reality adventure where the story unfolds around you. Based on the Egyptian Book of the Dead, this experience takes you to an incredible journey into the mythical story of the sun god Ra and his nightly battle with Apep, the serpent god of chaos.

DNA Dance

DNA Dance is a multiplayer virtual reality dance experience. The game includes hit songs from multiple global artists we all love. Packed with dazzling choreographies that participants must follow this is VR immersive experience will leave gamers gasping for more. Made in collaboration with INVR