DNA Dance is a multiplayer virtual reality dance game where players must complete a series of moves to earn points. The player will receive indications from a virtual dance teacher that will groove to the beat. Depending on the performance of the player, points will be given to him. Those points will be determined with how many cool, great, amazing or miss moves the player did. Play solo or with your family and friends.

How it works

In partnership with Invr, DNA Dance is a rhythmic dance game in virtual reality. This multi-player, movement-based dance experience includes a mele of multiple artists songs with a choreography that participants must follow. During each song, players must reflect sequentially the dance movement performed by the characters in the virtual environment. Players must follow the commands appearing in the VR in synchronization with the music, their dance partner and receive DNA points for their accuracy. DNA Dance is intended to provide a location-based entertainment experience as well as a home-based game available on the HTC VIVE PRO.