Developed with Eg Gate and the Grand Egyptian Museum, Enter the Duat is a first-person location-based VR adventure set in the unique Ancient Egyptian underworld known as the Duat. Based on the funerary texts of Amduat, you’re invited to embark on an incredible journey into the mythical story of the sun god Ra and his nightly battle with Apep, the serpent god of chaos. If you lose, Egypt will be thrown into eternal darkness and chaos. If you win, you’ll restore light back to the land of Egypt.

How it works

By harnessing groundbreaking technology, we’ve allowed participants to explore photo-realistic 3D environments as they physically step forward on a locomotion treadmill. Encounter Egyptian gods and spirits as you face big challenges and surprises of truly mythological proportions. What’s more? No controllers are needed for this easy to play immersive experience. Hand tracking technology allows you to organically interact with your environment by simply using your hands to cast magical spells. Feel the intensity of Egyptian magic with wearable haptic feedback devices attached to your wrists and chest as you navigate this sensorially captivating journey.